Living in York and growing up.

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My name is Laria and my work experience took place in the City Of York Council building. It was amazing to see how different it actually is to your first thoughts. As someone who has lived in York her whole life, I’m aware of some of the things that the council do that make a difference. Many people discredit the council and all the work they actually do. It is portrayed in so many different ways but it’s amazing to see how much they actually do for the community and for us children.

During my work experience I got to try many different aspects of the council. I sat with the communications team, the chief executive, and the shared intelligence bureau and on my last day I got to spend some time with the children’s trust department. In the children’s trust department it amazed me how much they do for children and families around the city and give help to those who need it. There are so many organisations around York that can help families and children which I personally was not aware of. On my last day I was lucky enough to help voice out what I personally think needs to be done for York to be a better community but as well as that I had an insight into what the council are doing to try and improve lifestyles in York. There is a wide range of different problems that the council are trying to make better and improve for us as a community.

One of my main concerns in which I would like to see a change of is people’s views and the amount of help children and young adults get with mental health problems. I feel like this is still a very taboo topic but it is experience in everyday life. I feel more people should be aware of these problems and see that people need help, and that help is available for people who need it. Not only people with the mental health issue need the support either, I feel the family, relatives and carers also need support on how to deal and help someone who has a mental health problem.

Whilst growing up I have seen many things change and my life has been a bumpy ride. But that’s life. Growing up we may feel like York is a horrible place, and that many people are awful. It is full of "idiots" and that our voices are never heard. But in reality it’s beautiful. We have many different resources that can help us and our parents, grandparents and young children get so much support. Over the years York is getting better and better with the facilities being more advanced and the systems are also advanced. But also problems such as homophobia which used to be atrocious, now seems like a very small problem. Yes that problem isn’t as bad as it was before but it is still there. But over the years it has got better and better and if we keep on trying and putting more rules and enforcements in place we can abolish subjects like homophobia. Our community is exceeding my expectations and I know we can get it so it’s immaculate and greater than it is today.


Your voice matters

This article was written by Laria, a year 10 student who joined the council on work experience. These are her views, not the council's. It is really important that children and young people have a say in the world. There are lots of different ways to get your voice heard. If you've got something to say then get involved.