My Information

This page is aimed at people who have their details listed within the service directory. It gives more detail about how the information is handled and what to do if you have any questions or queries.

YorkFIS will help you in marketing your service by making your information available to the public, and other local authorities, in the following ways:

  • Telephone - people who ring us for information are given contact details.
  • Post/Fax/E-mail - lists of childcare and services/organisations are posted/faxed or e-mailed in response to enquiries.
  • Face-to-face - printed lists are given to anyone who visits our offices or those people who visit our outreach events.
  • Printed materials - your information may also be included in printed directories of information. For example Shine magazine, Your Ward newsletter etc.
  • Internet - Information is made available through the YorOK website and other partner websites. The information will also be shared through government websites and other licensed channels. Please note that Information available via the internet may be accessed by people in countries and territories outside the European Union (EU) which may operate different levels of data protection than apply in the United Kingdom. When you request for your information to be removed we will remove this from our systems however we are unable to remove where other sites have cached this information.

Changing or removing my information

When your information was collected for inclusion within the service directory you will of been given a data protection statement highlighting how your information will be used. If for any reason you want to withdraw or change your consent at any time in the future you can do this by contacting York Family Information Service. If you would like to update the details of your service you can do do this using any of the channels described on our updating page.