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If you would like to continue your education when you leave school, but do not have the entry requirements for local college courses, a personalised learning and work programme (PLWP) may be right for you. This programme combines three elements:

  • education and training with the opportunity to gain further qualifications and employability skills

  • work experience and volunteering opportunities in an area of work you are interested in; this includes time in a placement to help build experience for a CV

  • leisure activities with the opportunity to meet and socialise with other students.

A PLWP is an individual programme based on input from you, your parents/carers and support professionals. Students may progress on to further learning, volunteering, supported employment or a range of local activities in York.

The PLWP programme provides an exciting alternative to college, and places the focus on work experience in York to help prepare you for real employment (or volunteering) and independent living, building towards living a full adult life.


Personalised timetable example





Functional Skills workshop - Literacy, numeracy, ICT

Melborne Centre

Arts and Crafts workshop

Melborne Centre


Independent Living Skills

Pine Trees Hub


Independent Living Skills

Pine Trees Hub


Access to Music

Melborne Centre

Arts and Crafts Cooperative

Via Blueberry Academy



Sensory workshop


1:1 support for all activities