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Young people's perspectives - 0-19 health service feedback

Date: 06 May 2015 to 10 July 2015

Time: 01:00

A new healthy child service for York - tell us what you think As part of a national programme of work, from October this year City of York Council will become responsible for commissioning (buying) some important health services for children and young people aged 0-19. The council is looking at how the school nursing service is currently provided across the city and how the needs of young people can be met through a new service that will be put in place in 2016.

At this very early stage in the process, we would like to know about your experience of using the school nursing service in York.

School nurses are qualified nurses with specialist training in public health for children, young people and families.

School nurses lead and deliver the Healthy Child Programme for 5-19 year olds, working with children, young people and their families and they have a key role in supporting children and young people in school settings. School nurses:


  • Provide a confidential health service
  • Help support the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people
  • Provide advice on healthy choices e.g. healthy eating, dental health, sexual health and substance misuse
  • Offer health reviews to ensure children and young people continue to reach their full potential
  • Provide specific support for children with complex needs such as diabetes and asthma
  • Offer advice and information on health issues such as bedwetting and behavioural problems
  • Work closely with a child’s school to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Offer the childhood immunisation programme to protect against disease and infection

Healthcare professionals, teachers and other people who work with children and young people are being asked similar questions through separate surveys and the feedback received from all the surveys will be confidential and will help the council decide which services to commission (buy) in the future.

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  • This is ongoing engagement work with no set start and end dates for fieldwork.:


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