What is YorZone?

Yor-zone has been developed by Youth Support Services, working alongside partners from across the voluntary, community and faith sectors and young people. The aim is to bring together all these services and activities for young people in one place. Alongside this we are also creating a new cross sector partnership where information and resources can be shared. Anyone working with young people can join this be signing up on www.yorkyouth.ning.com. If you would like more information about this partnership contact carole.pugh@york.gov.uk.

What’s new?

Pictures and Videos

We have been working with young people to ensure that the new site responds to their needs, they have asked that there are more images and video’s on the site - so we are asking services whether they have any photographs or/ logos or videos and also links to facebook, twitter, you tube or photo sharing.  Please ensure that you have appropriate consent (including specific internet consent) to share these.

Social Media

Young people have also asked about social media – so when you login you will see you can also give us links to any feeds you want to promote. So please tell us if you have a facebook, twitter, youtube, or photo sharing account that you use.

Reviewing and rating

Young people have also said that they would like to be able to rate and comment on services and activities for them, so this will be available on the new site.

Inclusive information

Young people with a disability would like more information about whether services and activities are accessible to them, so we are asking for a bit more information around accessibility. PACT have also developed a ‘Good Place to Come Award’ that is given by young people with a disability to services and activities that are accessible and welcoming. Please get in touch if you would like more information about this.

Updating your details

Update details

Updating your details

We need to make sure that information about services and organisations are as up to date as possible.

Add a service

Add a new service

If you would like to add details of your service to Family Service Directory then just simply complete our online form.

Data protection

About your data

The Family Information Service is part of City of York Council and our policies comply with the data protection act. The information you have supplied will be made available through City of York Council and approved partner customer access channels. These include providing details by phone, email, writing, text and online. If you have any questions or requests over the user of your data then please contact York Family Information Service using the details above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Open Data - Frequently Asked Questions

To help introduce Open Data and the Family Service Directory we’ve pulled together some Frequently Asked Questions.