Choosing Services Safely

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It is very important that you carefully consider which services you would like to use and which would be suitable for you. When you decide to use a service take some time to find out about them to make sure they are safe to use.

Below are some questions that you could ask. Remember good services will always welcome your questions.

Ask the service some questions.

Some ones you might want to think about are:

  • Do staff and volunteers have CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks? All Staff working with, or having access to children, young people or vulnerable adults should be CRB checked.
  • Are staff and volunteers appropriately trained, supported and supervised?
  • Does the service belong to a professional organisation or quality assurance scheme?
  • Does the service have the following policies in place: Child Protection, Health and Safety, Complaints?
  • Is there a commitment to equal opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice? – How do staff ensure that all users are included and feel comfortable?
  • Does your activity welcome and support disabled children and children with additional needs? All services should make reasonable adjustments to support disabled children. However you may want to know what adjustments they will make and what they will do to support a disabled child or young person to be included.

Other things to think about could include:

  • Think about visiting the setting or group before you start using them regularly.
  • Try and speak to other people using the service.