Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to register?

To look at which courses are available you do not need to register. If however you wish to book a place on a course, you will be asked to register with the website. Any details you provide will only be used by the Workforce Development Unit.

How do I register?

There are two ways you can register. You can register by clicking the 'Register Here' link from the homepage or you will be asked to register automatically when you try and book your first course online. Registration will only take a few minutes. Items marked * on the registration form are mandatory. Once the Workforce Development Unit receive your request you will be emailed a username and a password for future logins. Please note that this is not automatically generated and may take up to 24 hours.

How do I see further details for a course?

To see further details about a course, click anywhere on the course row. This will take you into another screen which will show the following tabs:

  • Course Outline - Aims and objectives of a course

  • Session & Venue - Further details on dates, times and venues

  • Materials - If there is any precourse reading this will be held here

From this page you can also apply for a place and print out course information.

How can I find a specific course?

Using the search facility you can find a particular course by selecting a date, choosing from a list of subject areas, target groups, or course codes. Please note that the date range will automatically start from todays date. You can also look for keywords that may appear in the course title.

How do I book a course?

To book a place on a course go into the course details and click on the 'Apply Now' button. If you have not yet logged in it will take you to the log in screen.

If you have not yet registered with the site and do not have a user name or password, click on the registration link on the right hand side which will take you to the registration screen.

Once you have logged in, go to that course’s details, click on 'Apply Now' and a pop up box will appear advsing you that your application is being processed and is currently pending approval. Once the Workforce Development Unit approves your application, you will receive a confirmation by email. Your place is not confirmed until you receive this email. Please ensure that your email address is correct when registering. If the course is full you will receive an email advising you that you have been placed onto a waiting list.

How do I let you know of my special requirements and why do you need this information?

Special requirements enable us to to advise a venue of any additional needs the delegates may have. For example access, hearing, visual and dietry.

You can inform us of your special requirements in three areas of the website.

You can tell us of your special requirements when you register with the website .

You can inform us once logged into the website by clicking on 'Update My Details' from the People Menu. Click on the Special Requirements button and enter the information within this screen.

Alternatively you can update your special requirements when applying for a place on a course. After the message to tell you that your application is pending you will be given the option of checking and amending your special requirements.

How do I inform you of a change to my details?

To inform the Workforce Development Unit of a change to your details, log into the website using your password and user name. Click on the People menu and choose Update my Details. From this page you can update a change of name, role, contact details or special requirements. If you wish to change the organisation you belong to please contact the Workforce Development Unit.

Click on the update button when you have amended your details in order to save the changes.

How do I cancel my booking?

If you have enrolled yourself onto a course and now wish to cancel the place, please follow the easy steps below.

  • Log onto the website
  • Click on the Training tab from the menu at the top of the page
  • Click on 'View My Web Applications'
  • This page will bring up a list of courses you have already enrolled on.
  • Click the blue arrow to the right hand side marked 'details'.
  • Click 'Withdraw Application' (Red tab).
  • Confirm your actions by clicking ok on the Microsoft pop up.
  • A pop up will appear confirming your withdrawal.

The Workforce Development Unit will be informed that you have withdrawn yourself from the course.

If you cancel your place on any of our courses within 5 working days of the start of the course you will be required to pay a cancellation charge. For further information on this please see our cancellation policy.

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