Unaccompanied children arriving from outside the UK

The following procedures apply to all children moving into the City of York from outside the UK, whether unaccompanied with their family, relatives or with other adults.


All agencies that come into contact with the child must consider his/her welfare and whether or not they might be a child in need and therefore require an enquiry to to Children's Social Care. Agencies must consider the possibility that the child may be the subject of modern slavery or human trafficking.


Where a child arrives in the City of York from overseas, the authority in which they are staying or presenting for help has a responsibility to determine the required response to the referral.


The authority receiving the referral will undertake an  assessment of any child in this category.

Children's Social Care will notify local health services and the local education authority of such a child.

As part of the assessment, social workers should ensure that they:

  • Use an interpreter if required
  • See the child alone, where possible
  • Obtain a full history of the child/ren and carers including place of birth, date of birth, relationships, where the child has been living, with addresses and any significant issues
  • Obtain records from other agencies in this country
  • Consider the possibility of obtaining information and/or records from abroad, including the use of Red Cross (Telephone number 01274 620999), unless initial enquiries suggest that this may create or exacerbate danger for the child and his/her family
  • Understand what significant events have occurred in the child’s life, the impact of these and any consequent therapeutic needs of the child.
  • Consider the possibility that the child may be the subject of modern slavery or human trafficking.