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Job hunting: where to look?


Castlegate have information on local job vacancies and training opportunities, major employers in York, training providers, recruitment agencies and websites advertising vacancies. IT facilities are available at Castlegate together with support advisers who will help with searching for vacancies completing application forms, CVs and covering letters.

Social Media

Many people use social media to help them find work. Facebook, Twitter and particularly LinkedIn often advertise vacancies. If you follow the right organisations on Twitter, they often post new vacancies. LinkedIn is used by professional people to network with other employers/employees. It is possible to open an account from aged 13. It is important with all social media that you are aware that employers may look at your profile.


You can look for jobs online at Jobseekers Direct or at the Job Point machines located inside the JobcentrePlus office. Job seekers who have a health condition, preventing them from applying to the full range of jobs, can access support from a Disability Employment Adviser who will provide specialist advice and support.

Local newspapers

The York Press advertises vacancies on a Wednesday and the Yorkshire Post on Thursdays.

Recruitment agencies

Agencies deal with vacancies covering a wide range of jobs, others specialise in a particular area of work. Agencies deal with both temporary and permanent vacancies. A CV will be required to register with an agency to enable them to find a suitable vacancy to match your skills. Not all agencies register people under 18 years old.


Looking for vacancies online is useful if you know the right places to look. Employers advertise positions on specific websites or via their own websites. Many employers request applications to be made online. Before starting an online application, make sure you have the information on hand that may be required. This includes employment and work experience details together with dates and duties carried out; examinations taken and grades achieved, your skills and names and contact details for references. Employers may request a CV via email.

Use your contacts

It would be difficult to find out about every vacancy in York as not all vacancies are advertised publicly. If you let your friends, relatives and neighbours know that you are looking for work they may be able to keep a look out for you or ask around.

Apply speculatively

To contact an employer 'on spec' or on a speculative basis means to apply to them even if they are not advertising a vacancy. If you impress them with your CV they may keep your details and contact you in the future if a position becomes available. The most common way to apply speculatively is to send a CV and covering letter by post or email but first you would need to find out who to contact. This could be the business owner or for larger organisations, the person who would be your manager. You could phone them or look on their website to find out who this would be.

Keep track of who you've applied to, the name of the contact, when you applied to them and what the outcome was. If you're making multiple applications it's easy to forget where you're up to with your applications.

Labour Market Intelligence (LMI)

LMI is information about what kinds of jobs are available now, where there are skills shortages, and what might happen in the jobs market in the future. This information is really useful for you to consider when thinking about your future plans. There is a big mismatch in the UK between what young people want to do and what jobs are out there.

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