University of York - Supporting the development of a new CYPP

Students from the University of York have supported the consultation process for the development of a new Children and Young People's Plan. The consultation lead by the students compliments a range of other consultation work which ensure the plan reflects the views of children young people and families. Online consultations aimed at children, young people, families and practitioners can be accessed through this site. Additional focus groups beyond those listed below will be undertaken with key groups in the city.

Thank you to Joy Martin, Denise Goh, Brooke Millhouse and Asma Ali for giving their time to do this important piece of work. Below is a short article written by Joy Martin about the groups experience of consulting with children and young people.

This summer, I was fortunate enough to gain the opportunity to work with the York Children’s Trust and City Council, alongside three other students from the University of York.  Our role was to help to develop the 2016 Children and Young People’s Plan by organising a number of consultation sessions with different Youth groups across the city. In total we were able to meet with the following five youth groups;

  • Door 84,
  • Young Inspectors,
  • Youth Council,
  • Young Carers and
  • The Future Links Advisory Group.

All of us returned from these sessions truly inspired by the optimistic and determined nature of the young people that we had met. During the consultation sessions, we discussed a number of different topics including housing, schools, pollution and crime. The young people that we spoke with were fantastic in the sense that they not only identified problems and areas for improvement for us but they also suggested potential solutions. All of us are now excited to see the ways in which our research may transpire into policy through the new Children and Young People’s Plan.

We contacted nine youth groups in total. Three groups informed us that they would run the consultation session themselves; these groups were Refugee Action York, Show Me That I Matter and I matter too.


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