Speak Up Event

The first ever “Speak Up” event was held on the 14th June 2014 at Energise sports centre. The event was a mix of consultation and activities with Looked After Children. The format of the day was young people arrived, signed up for a free fun activity (dancing, climbing, football etc) and before the activity began they were engaged and consulted on a range of issues.

In total 11 service providers attended the event consultation on a range of topics including:

  • The pledge for Looked After Children
  • Personal Education Plans
  • Reviews
  • Show Me That I Matter
  • LAC Youth Club
  • LAC Support Team
  • York children’s centres
  • Fostering team
  • Health assessments

Feedback from young people and practitioners suggested the day was very useful and that the structure of the day worked well. Feedback from young people about the day included:

  • I really enjoyed the dancing it was very fun!
  • I had fun
  • I would like you to let more people on the climbing wall! But i enjoyed the dance.
  • Today was epic because of the climbing and people
  • More people should come

A number of services committed to make changes as a result of feedback from children and young people on the day.

Service area

What are we going to do

York Rights and Advocacy Service

We will work with SMTIM to ensure that the layout and design of the new pledge is bright, colourful and easy to read.

We will distribute copies of the pledge to all children and young people in a timely manner.

We will take the suggestions for a new name back to SMTIM for their feedback.

Participation : SMTIM and IM2

We will continue to look at ways of increasing the participation of children and young people through; facebook, the website and by re- launching I Matter 2.

York Children’s Centres

We will work with the Fostering team to offer all Foster Carers monthly practise sessions to support them in early child development and readiness for school.

We will work with the Fostering Team to ensure that any Looked After Child under the age of 5 is registered with the Children’s Centre and that their carers are aware of the services and support available.

We have identified a centre leader whose portfolio is Looked After Children to ensure targets are met.

Looked After Children Support Team

We will continue to talk to and involve children and young people in our service development.

Education : Personal Education Plans

We will include the young peoples views in the termly training “All About Personal Education Plans” from September 2014 and in the CYC Guidance on PEP’s “All About Personal Education Plans” which will be updated autumn term 2014.

We will distribute a leaflet for children and young people in care via CYC schools that will help Children and young people understand what a PEP is and how it can help.

Independent Reviewing Officers : Reviews

We will look further at ways in which young people participate in their reviews and use the feedback received to improve young people’s review experiences.


The views of the young people will be fed back to the LAC Health professionals group and they will be asked how the comments can be acted upon.


We hope to produce a you said we did once this has been acted upon.




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