Social Networking Sites Toolkit

Social Network Sites (SNS) present opportunities to communicate with young people, families and communities but opportunities and risks go hand in hand. A social networking toolkit has been produced to support any groups or organisations produce a robust and safe framework to be able to make use of social networking sites.

A collection of resources and statstics are available below to help you when using the toolkit. If you know of other local or national information that would be useful to add to this page then please get in touch with York Family Information Service.

Interactions on Social Networking Sites

Just as in other areas of work people say things to you and interact with you via Social Networking Sites. Sometimes you may need to consider what would be the best response, especially when your response may be on a public forum. To help you decide how best to respond we have put together a short guide.

Online resources

  • Database of Social Media Policies
    This website has over 170 different social media policies for different companies, organisations and services. Ranging from Coca-Cola to Yahoo and the BBC to US Navy there are lots of examples to explore.

  • Youth Engagement and Social media
    This guide has been created to support practitioners working with young people to understand and engage with social media and social networks. This resource has provided much of the ground work for this information and is definitely worth making use of.

  • Youth Work Online
    Community for youth workers & other youth professionals exploring digital dimensions of their work. Sponsored by Practical Participation.

  • Youth Work and Social Networking Research Project (PDF)
    How does youth work best support young people to manage the risks and make the most of the opportunities presented by social networking technology?

How are young people using social media?


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