Matrix of Involvement Opportunities

There are a range of different group based opportunities for children and young people to have a voice and be involved. This page lists the ongoing groups that are operating in York. If you would like to work with one of the groups below please contact us.

Do you run a group for children and young people that supports them to have a voice and be involved in service design and/or delivery? If so please contact us with details of the group so we can add it to our matrix of opportunities below and provide you with access to support and resources.

York Youth Council

11 to 18 year olds, meets every six weeks

York Youth council are a group of young people from all over the city who represent the voice of young people in York. They work to make a difference and positive changes for the young people of York.

Children and Young people aged 11-18 years old can be involved. Every secondary school, youth group and college in the York City Council area is encouraged to send two or more representatives to be part of the Youth Council.

Show Me That I Matter

13 and over, meets on a monthly basis

Show Me That I Matter is York’s Children in Care Council (CiCC). It is a monthly forum where care experienced young people (13+ years of age) raise important issues and discuss them with Elected Members senior managers, with the aim of helping to shape and improve services for looked after children in York.

We Talk 2

13 years old and under, meet on a monthly basis

The “We Talk 2” group obtain the views of younger children who are looked after, aged 13 and under.   They meet on a monthly basis to talk about their experience of being looked after by the local authority and how they think things could be improved. These views are then fed into Show Me That I Matter. 

York LGBT forum

The York Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans Forum was set up in 2006 to act as a strong voice for the local LGBT community. Regular meetings, contact:

Young Inspectors

13 to 18 years (24 years for young people with SEN), frequency dependent on workplan

The young inspectors programme aims to work with a small group of disadvantaged young people and allow them the opportunity to have a voice and say in some of the service they may access.

They have the opportunity to go in to services and inspect them and give recommendations of improvements that can be made from there’s and other service users perspective following a thorough inspection. It also a great opportunity for young people to make friends, gain confidence and self esteem and have some lightweight support.

There is a charge associated with completing an inspection- organisations can put themselves forward to be inspected.

Young Carers

8 to 18 years old, meet on a monthly basis

There are a number of channels of support for young carers. The LAFFS (Laughs, Advice, Fun, Friendship and Support) groups are similar to a youth club but can always be way for carers to voice what is important to them.

Future Links - Advisory Board

15 to 19 years old, group leads are 25 years old, meets once a fortnight

The advisory group is a group of disabled young people who will share their opinions and views and hopefully make changes in their community. The group wants their voices to be heard and want other organisations to email questions to the advisory group asking for their views.

The group talk about: direct debits, housing, transport, hospital care for disabled young people.

The advisory group is be made up of 8 young people from the Future Links project. They are aged between 15 and 19 year old. The 2 young people leading the group are both 25, one has cerebral palsy and the other a learning disability and vision loss. Of the 8; 5 are ASD, 1 has a learning disability and 1 has social anxiety and mental health.

Stand up for us

8 to 16 year olds, runs every year

Stand up for us is the city wide Anti-Bullying survey. The survey is tailored to either primary (8 years and older) or secondary school aged pupils. It is an online survey conducted through schools and has been running in its revised format for two years. In 2013/14 it was revised to incorporate questions related to health and well-being.

Young Researchers

11 to 25 year olds, runs on ad-hoc/project basis

Groups of Young Researchers have supported the development of the Child Poverty Strategy and again for developing Dream Again. These research groups tend to be established for a period of time focused on a particular topic.

The Young Researchers review existing knowledge on a particular subject and may also carry out their own consultations before presenting their findings and recommendations.



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