Director of Children’s Services Recruitment included interviews from children and young people

What changed? Children and young people played a key role in deciding who became the new Director of Children's Services

In December 2013 a panel of five young people were invited to be part of the recruitment process for the new Director of Children’s Service’s. The interview panel was made up of:

  • Two from York Youth Council
  • Two from Show Me That I Matter (York’s Children in Care council)
  • One care leaver.

Ahead of the interviews the young people were briefed, most had been on interview panels before so were familiar with the process.  An impartial member of staff and a person from Human Resources were on hand to support young people on the day.

The young people were given details of the candidates they would be interviewing and were provided with two suggested interview questions. Young people were encouraged to ask additional questions and it was agreed that the candidates would be given the opportunity to ask the young people questions as well. The set questions asked showed the level of importance placed on the voice of children and young people:

  • Give examples in your previous work of how you enabled young people’s voices to be heard and implemented the changes they asked for.
  • How would you prioritise this in City of York Council when there are pressure on resources

After interviewing a candidate, the young people discussed the interview and notes were taken by the representative from Human Resources.   The young people had clear and definite views on the candidates and their relative strengths.

Once all the interviews were completed it was explained that the views would be taken forward and factored into the decision of which candidate to recruit. The successful candidate was one that the young people had preferred.

In return for their time, the young people were each given a high street voucher.


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