Advisory Group - Future Links Project


Our opinions should be thought about too.” (Young person, Future Links Project, The Children’s Society).

The advisory group is a group of disabled young people who will share their opinions and views and hopefully make changes in their community. The group wants their voices to be heard and want other organisations to email questions to the advisory group asking for their views.

The group talk about: direct debits, housing, transport, hospital care for disabled young people.

The advisory group is be made up of 8 young people from the Future Links project. They are aged between 15 and 19 year old.

The group is led by the young people. The young people create leaflets to pass out to professionals/organisations to make themselves known. The advisory group have their own email address:

The group take bookings from professionals/teams/organisations and put these on their calendar. The sessions will then have an agenda/discussion set by the professional/team who booked the group.

Each young person will work towards a short course ASDAN as part of the group- looking at their values/beliefs, citizenship and policy and participation and rights. The Future Links project will support them to complete these.

The advisory group will discuss the topic and give written or creative feedback. In return, the advisory group expect to get feedback from the organisation/team about how their feedback has influenced further work i.e.: “We said, you did.”

Each group sessions looks at varied topics/polices/changes in York. If the group has a session that has not been booked by another organisation, then discussions around the following questions would occur: “if you could change 3 things in York what would you change?”, “in a perfect world, what support would you get?”, “do you think Disabled young people in York are supported and involved enough?”, “what are the barriers in York that affect you most?”

Although the group will consist of just 8 young people from the project- the intention is to send out questionnaires to all 38 disabled young people on the project- these will be a summary of the views/opinions of the group on a certain topic and will be asking the wider group of young people if the agrees/disagree with all the points made. In this way, then, the group will represent the disabled young people on The Children’s Society Future Links project, and thus represent the disabled young people in York. The Future Links project’s young people have been referred by varied means (social work disabilities team, SENCO’s, connexions workers, youth groups) that we hope they represent the wider disabled young people in York.

The hope is that the group of young people will have many opportunities to join forums in York so that their views can be heard in every aspect of York social care. The group will have quarterly reviews of their work to summarise their findings/feedback from discussions in a presentation which can be presented at various boards/forums across York.

This advisory group is a fantastic opportunity for young people in York. They will get their voices heard, be listened to and make changes. The group is young person led and thus empowering for the members.


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