Family Focus

One family......... One worker......... One plan.

The Family Focus Programme has been supporting families in York since 2012. In January 2015 the programme expanded to support even more families.

Which families can join the programme?

Your family may be eligible if two or more of the following difficulties are or have been affecting family life;

  1. You or your children are or have been involved in crime or anti-social behaviour.
  2. Your child/children have not been attending school regularly.
  3. Your children need help: children of all ages, who need help or may already have an involvement from other services to help safeguard them.
  4. An adult in your household is out of work or at risk of financial exclusion or a young person has left education, but is not in work, at college or accessing training.
  5. Your family is or has been affected by domestic violence and abuse.
  6. Someone in your household has health problems.

Families eligible for the programme are identified through the merging of data from partners across the city and it is then the role of the Family Focus Team to ensure that each family identified is receiving the right support as soon as possible to help things get easier for you and your family.

What can we expect if we are eligible to benefit from the programme?

A worker from a relevant service will be allocated as your dedicated lead practitioner and their role will be to:

  1. Meet with you and your family, either in your home or somewhere else if you wish, to listen and begin to understand the things people in the family find difficult or are struggling with. With your permission they will also speak to other professionals who may already be in contact with you to gain a full picture and make an assessment of your whole family’s needs and how these issues are impacting on each of you.
  2. Agree with you and the family what then needs to happen to support you. They will also begin to involve a few other relevant agencies so that you can all decide on a whole family plan to address all your needs in a timely and co-ordinated manner, to make the changes you would like to see..
  3. Co-ordinate the services and interventions in your plan so that you and your family feel supported, you never feel overwhelmed and everyone is communicating well.
  4. Be in contact with you and your family frequently and organise regular meetings to review how things are going with the team around your family where you can all discuss and amend your family plan to suit.
  5. Make sure that once you have made good progress and they are planning to stop working with you, that there is an exit plan so that ongoing support is available should a family member still need it and that you know where to find in future should things change or you are struggling with new problems.

How do we see if we can join the programme?

Some families have already been approached to ask if they would like to join the programme. If you haven’t been invited, but think your family may be eligible and would benefit then you should do one of the following;

Speak to a professional who is already involved with your family. This could be staff in your child/children’s school, a worker at your local Children’s Centre, your Health Visitor, your GP, a local Police Community Support Officer, Housing Worker or any other professional.

If you don’t feel you have a professional you can speak to you can also call the Children’s Front Door Service on 01904 551900.


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